214 (7')

Bösendorfer - 214 (7')
Finish:Pol Ebony or Sat Ebony

The Modern Salon Grand – Perfect in size and sound

In the 19th Century elegant salons had an important role in the musical life of Vienna. There the major composers of the time would present their works. Bösendorfer Model 214 is inspired by this tradition.

Longer keys, a much larger soundboard and longer bass strings distinguish this small concert grand piano from Bösendorfer smaller models. With its concert capabilities, its superb balance and versatility, this model is the top choice for small to medium size concert halls. The Model 214 offers a very satisfying level of playing experience and fulfills all the requirements of music schools and conservatories. Its individual sound character enables students to get to know the wide possibilities available for interpretation and tonal shaping, that will help them do justice to the full diversity of musical repertoire.


Keys 88
Length 7'
Width 4'11"
Net weight 809 lb