200 (6'7")

Bösendorfer - 200 (6'7")
Finish:Pol Ebony or Sat Ebony

For Music Lovers and Professionals - The Classic

For over 50 years the Model 200 has been one of Bösendorfer most popular and widely used models.

Its sound and dynamics unfold in a concert hall as well as in your living room.

One could write a great deal about its outstanding build quality, its stability and durability. There are many aspects that characterize this piano unmistakably as a Bösendorfer. Its smooth, easy to control and very responsive action make it so popular and so attractive for music schools and conservatories. But, surely, above all it’s the sound, that famous, inspiring Bösendorfer sound.


Keys 88
Length 6'7"
Width 4'11"
Net weight 788 lb